Habits and new routines don’t work well together.

An analogy for this relationship is driving through a new route.

When we are driving through a route we know well, we go on autopilot. We don’t need the map and are more than comfortable listening to a book or taking a phone call.

When you can walk in house from the lounge to your bedroom in the dark when you have a power-failure without bumping into something.

But, if we are figuring out directions, that tends to be a bad time to attempt to focus on a call or some new content.

Habits work much the same way.

So many of us have experienced various levels of disruption in our routines over the past weeks.

This is a note to remind ourselves that it is totally expected if our habits went for a toss in the process.

Being tough on ourselves is not the solution [it rarely is].

Some kindness and self-compassion will help us find those old habits and routines or, maybe, find new routines and new habits.

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