Things that will never “end”

  • Ironing your clothes
  • Failure
  • The pain of growth
  • Doing your dishes
  • Organising yourself and your work
  • Hard work to get what you want
  • The need for tough questions
  • The need for tough questions
  • The effort needed to be happy
  • The emotional labour of making difficult decisions

Things that you will not experience again

  • This special moment in this place at this time, you grow up, your friends and family grow up, some leave, some stay, you leave, you stay, feelings change, relationships change, and time definitely moves on.

For things that never end:

  • There is no point wasting your time wishing they would go away. There is only more pain there. Embrace them. Love them. They are integral parts of life.

For things that you will not experience again like these special moments, smile a lot, hug a lot, tell people how much they mean to you, have fun, learn and make them count.

All we have in this life is a collection of memories. And, like all great things, they are what we make of them.

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