When was the last time you had a problem where Google or a friend did not have an answer to your problem?

If it did not provide an answer, it enabled to you find and connect with others who have a similar problem.

When I had a problem with Zoom kicking me out constantly, a friend alerted me that it may have to do with a banking app I had on my device.

I thought I was alone having this problem, until I reached out and realised I’m not alone.

At LORA Centre I have the privilege of working with entrepreneurs, one entrepreneur calls me during the week disheartened and worried about how her business is going to survive COVID-19 lockdown.

Two days later, I get a call from another entrepreneur who is worried about a similar problem.

We [LORA team] decided to do a mentorship session where we can discuss these issues with other entrepreneurs having similar challenges.

One entrepreneur is worried about something, she probably thought she is alone in her misery.

The second entrepreneur who called me probably also thought he is alone in his misery.

I happen to be in the middle to know both of them and to know that they are not alone in their miseries.

It is lockdown, you stay alone at your place. You probably think you are alone in your misery, but I assure you there are other people who are alone during this lockdown.

People at AA thought they are alone until they met each other.

Those who are struggling with depression also thought they are alone in their miseries.

Those who’s jobs are on the line because of lockdown think they are alone in their miseries.

Every time we face a problem, we have 2 choices, kick, stomp, and complain about being alone or do some research to find others who had the same problem and learn from them.

The second one is a no brainer. You just have to remind yourself of one of the many wonderful aspects of the connected age, you always have others who have shared your misery and made it through.

Yes maybe misery loves company, or maybe, just maybe, when you realise that others may have worse off challenges, you are likely to reflect that yours is not a mountain to climb, and you pick yourself up and when you are up, you have the strength to come back and pick up those who are still struggling.

When Simba thought it is the end for him, along came Timon and Pumbaa and things changed.

When Sheldon Cooper thought he is doomed to meet people who understands him, along came Leonard who brought with him Howard and Rajesh…. and Penny, brought Bernadette and Amy 🙂

It is amazing what happens when you reach out, you realise that actually you are not alone.

There is always a Timon and Pumbaa lurking around.

There is always a Leonard, Howard and Rajesh geeking around.

Oh, and thank you to the LORA team that I work with, I always thought I’m crazy and a dreamer, and then along came the crazy bunch of people I now work with, and then the craziness continues.

You matter.

You matter far more than you think.

For as long as you breathe, you hope.

Alone, yes, but not forgotten.


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