The meeting is the most exciting part.

It is when you actually do the thing that everyone has their complicated opinions.

Start with action, not meetings.

Most of what you would have talked about during the meeting will get discussed during all the little in-between moments anyway.

It is so much easier to call a meeting than call to action.

And in the moment calling the meeting feels a lot like action. It is not.

No, not another meeting, not another conference, just do, build something, write something, create something, paint something, record something, construct something, assemble something, improve something, frame something, figure out something.

Develop a producer mindset, not a meetings mindset.

Be bold enough to not have meetings.

Be bold enough to have short meetings.

Be bold enough to take action in the face of wanting to call a meeting.

Start with action, you will tell us about it later.

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