The advice I wish I received when I graduated:

Get out of the hyper-competitive “life hack” frame of mind.

Get out of the lust for what society defines as “success.”

When you finish college/university, there is this pressure to get into this competitive world of trying to prove that you have arrived.

The pressure is to look like “success,” sound like “success,” go to “success” places, attend “success” events, and associate with “success” people.

What I wish someone told me is that actually you don’t have to join this hyper competitive mindset.

There is no rush to get into this invisible race of looking like “success.”

Don’t worry about your friends “beating” you or “getting somewhere” ahead of you.

Get out into the real dirt world of doing things that truly matters and start failing.

The goal is to connect with your own self, your own soul.

Who are you really? What do you really want?

Get out there and fail and find out.

Yes be ambitious, want the best and to be the best, for yourself.

Yes don’t allow for mediocrity, don’t settle for being average, but don’t link your ambition to society’s definition of “success.”

You don’t have to be popular to everyone. Matter to people who matters.

Your lane does not have to be about shiny objects at shiny places and looking shiny.

Look for your lane, stay in your lane and be the best in your lane.

Steve Jobs put it well in 2005 when giving his commencement speech:

“Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

Don’t let the pressure of society push you to betray your soul.

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