Today brands live more online than on paper.

People have mobile devices and can access your brand anywhere and anytime.

People’s faces are more on screens now than ever before.

With lockdowns, social distancing and other measures restricting physical connections, people are connecting more online.

Do you see all those people who whipping their smartphones out as soon as they to stand on a one meter by one meter spaced queue?

They are not just avoiding boredom, they are searching, but not only for information, or laughs, or updates.

They are searching for a feeling of connection.

They want places to go and places to be.

They are looking for a warm place to belong.

Physically they can’t go to those places, but through screen time, they can go to that warm platform, that brand that offers them refuge.

Places to kill time and places that makes them feel a little less lonely in the moment.

Places to learn. Places to share. Places that make them feel safe, or smart, or welcomed, or funny, or hopeful for the future.

But most of all, they want places to belong and places where they feel like we matter.

Increasingly they are digital spaces.

Whatever you are building, a brand, think beyond features, beauty, functionality and design and think first about how the person you serve wants to feel when she arrives at the place you have built.

Your online brand, your platform is no longer just a logo, an online wall, it is place, a place that should exude warmth, connection, love, caring.

Your brand, your platform should be about seeing others, not rebuking them, should be about showing appreciation, not showing off your smarts, should be about empowering, not weighing others down, it should celebrate others, show empathy, it should say to them, I see you, I feel you, I appreciate you, you matter, what you do matters, Sawubona.

As the sun of good news sets and we are faced with gloomy news, when fear grips our communities, as we run for cover and hibernate, what we need more than ever before is those who will be the glow in the dark, those who will carry the warmth of the sun throughout the night.

More than ever before, we need those who will capture the warmth of the sun and carry it with them into the cold nights of fear and despair.

More than ever before, we need those who will keep the warmth of the sun in their hearts, minds, words and deeds.

More than ever before, we need those who will keep the warmth of the sun and share it with other when they find it hard to go on and easy to give up.

More than ever before:

Keep the warmth of the sun in your brand for everyone to feel it.

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