Covid-19 has challenged entrepreneurs to rethink about how they brand their businesses.

A couple of things come to mind:

1. In a crisis period, your brand will have display more empathy to it customers, than stress about lost profits.

2. In a lockdown situation where there is limited movement, traditional marketing of billboards, and outdoor signage are less effective.

When people are in distress, they would appreciate emphatic and accessible brands.

People all over the world have taken to social media to elevate the experiences of others and share information.

How would you find more customers if you could not use traditional marketing methods?

If you could not do any print, radio or TV advertising or use the digital levers we have become so used to relying on as a way to drive business growth.

Where would you start?

My guess is you would start with people.

You would double down on serving the customers you already had and talk with, not at, people who were not customers yet.

You would get very good at explaining what you do and how it helps your customers.

You would become an expert at looking people in the eye.

You would be bolder, braver, better.

You would do work that truly matters to the people.

You would make your own magic.

The coronavirus should not be seen as an opportunity for a brief to create award-winning advert; it is a proper opportunity to help, support or even just comfort a world in crisis.

This is an opportunity to focus attention on the current issues, not on your brand.

It is not rocket science, yet it is something that has been neglected in our digital age.

This is how most businesses marketed themselves fifty years ago. By making the best possible product, for customers they knew and cared to serve.

We moved away from that brave marketing model and in many ways, that shift has been to our detriment.

Our focus on efficiency and scaling has taken us further away from our customers and made us less courageous marketers.

The focus now has been about numbers, how many people see you brand.

In the crisis we find ourselves in, what matters is how much you care about people.

A cool logo saying you care does not cut it, what cuts it, what you are doing for the people on the ground.

What we need at the moment is better connections, more than just cool ads.

Is your marketing mindset limiting your ability to connect with and serve your customers better?

Below is the New York Times’s interpretation of ‘social distancing.’ I think sends the message.


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