Welcome to Sawubona Podcast Series. Sawubona is an ancient isiZulu greeting which means: We see you. It is equivalent to Hello and Namaste.

So when we meet and greet I would say “Sawubona” [We See You] and you will respond by saying: “Yebo, Sawubona [Yes, We See You Too].

In our first Sawubona Podcast Series, I acknowledge and recognize an entrepreneur, a friend, a leader, someone who champions and pioneers the spirit of Africanism, social upliftment and passion for the continent.

William Seyama, aka Mkhulu aka Bra Willy from eNitiate Integrated Solutions, a Pan-African digital marketing company that is based in Johannesburg.

Enjoy the conservation. I apologise in advance that there are network glitches here and there but the overall message is clear:




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