Politicians operate under the idea that the question the interviewer asks is merely a prompt for whatever they themselves actually want to talk about.

They never answer the question with a yes or no and then explain if prompted. They want to explain first and if you are lucky, they will answer yes or no.

It is a truism that most politicians do not answer questions properly.

They give non-replies, they respond to a question but not answer it. They tell you a story and not answer your question.

They always find a way to bend questions back towards their agenda of whatever they want to say.

Pushed further to answer the question directly, they often respond by saying: “well, that’s my reply…” meaning that’s my answer, take it or leave it.

Artists could learn a thing or two from politicians.

Too often artists answer the questions. They forget to be creative.

They forget they are in the entertainment business not the information business.

Isn’t it interesting…

Politicians don’t answer the questions, but we wish they would…we wish they would inform us.

Artists do answer questions, but we wish they wouldn’t…we wish they would entertain us, tell us a story, give a show.

The same with entrepreneurs, they should tell us a story, pitch themselves, demo their product, tell us more instead of just answer the question.

But off-course answer the question eventually.

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