As a kid you sit in your bedroom for days or weeks or years and learn guitar and how to sing along with it.

And then eventually it is time to leave your bedroom.

You have two options:

Either leave the guitar in the room


Take it with you.

If you leave the guitar in your room you can come back to it and it will always be there for you.

You pick it up, sit on your bed and enjoy the feeling of music.

But if, when you leave your room, you take the guitar with you…now you are on a different journey.

Now it is enjoying the feeling of music AND…making money, gaining attention, building reputation, connecting with people, telling stories, making your dreams come true, making others dreams come true, and the list goes on.

No one tells you what to do with the guitar.

Both options were [and still are] on the table.

A guitar is just an example, you can replace a guitar with your skill, your talent, your passion or something that has been in your heart for a long time.

As you leave your house this morning to go to work, are you leaving your guitar in your bedroom or are you taking it with you?

You decide.


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