Of all blogs I follow and get inspired by, Seth Godin’s blog has to be right up there.

He almost never fails to dazzle. And it is no wonder that he is such a successful writer.

After a difficult day today, I was on the lookout for some inspiration and I opened up my old bookmarks of webpages I have saved to read later and then I found this one:

Expanding the circle of ‘missed’ by Seth Godin

Would they miss you if you didn’t show up? Would they miss your brand or your writing or your leadership?

If you work at the local fast food joint or the local library and you don’t show up for work, do they consider shutting the place down? If you’re on the team at the ER and you have a bad day, would someone die?

Everyone is capable of being missed. Most of us would be missed by our family if we secretly moved to Perth in the middle of the night. The question, then, is not whether or not you’re capable of being missed. The question is whether you will choose to be missed by a wider circle of people.

It’s a risk, of course. You have to extend yourself. You must make promises (and then keep them.) More pressure than it might be worth.

Except when it is.


It spoke to me.

We live, we do, occasionally we succeed, other times we don’t, we learn, we live…

Thanks Seth, for the inspiration.

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