Recently Tim Berners-Lee who is thought as the father of the World Wide Web said something in an interview that really stuck with me.

He said:

“If you put a drop of love into Twitter it seems to decay but if you put in a drop of hatred you feel it actually propagates much more strongly.” 

Hate-filled comments seemed to do better online.

I thought hard about that, why would that be?

Why is it that hatred propagates more strongly through this kind of social media?

I came up with a hypothesis, I can’t prove it put I think it something that makes sense.

So here is my hypothesis of why hate propagates much more strongly than love:

When we are in a loving environment, probably starting with our mother, we are in a nurturing environment that we grow up in.

We grow up with a mother, a family, a community, a village, and as we live and work in that environment, we develop deep attachments to the people around us over years and years and even decades of our lives.

So love grows slowly over time.

Hatred on the other hand seems to be something that can be triggered very quickly.

There is a tiger in the village, come quick, grab your spear, lets go defend ourselves.

I think by looking at this from an evolutionary perspective, it makes sense that we are slow to love and quick to anger.

It is evolutionary that we are ready to defend ourselves and that defensive trigger can be something very instantaneous because there is a tiger in the village and we need to act now.

I think this is beyond social media, social media was meant to be a platform where humanity can be humanity, but instead what we found is that humanity needs to be more humane, we need more love than hate.



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