Your idea is not a virus and here is why.

A virus does not care who it infects. Everyone is a target.

A virus’s only reason to be a virus is to survive.

You actually care about the people who use your products, read your book, or sign up for your service.

You are not in the business of survival, you want to create difference for the people you serve.

How to ‘go viral’ with intention

1. Create something that people want.

2. Know who you want to infect.

3. Have a great reason for wanting to infect them.

4. Matter to one person first. Speak to that person.

5. Change how people feel, before you try to change what they do.

6. Notice what your customers care about most. Do more of that.

7. Work hard to give people something to talk about.

8. Consciously bake word of mouth into your product or service. Most people skip this step.

9. Make giving people a reason to talk about your products and services part of your culture, not just your marketing.

10.Do it on purpose. Then do it over and over again.

The businesses that succeed wildly are not just founded on ideas that are shared in a split second, they are grounded in what will matter to their customers for a hundred years.

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