The couple are examining winter jackets on a rail in the department store when the sales assistant makes rushes to them.

‘What size are we looking for?’ he says, helpfully.

They explain that they are just looking, but he continues to follow them around offering assistance.

So they excuse themselves and leave.

I have recently experienced the same thing and I felt policed by the salesperson instead of being served and I left the store as quickly as I could.

It is a thin between customer service and making customers uncomfortable.

It is like a waiter who is constantly asking you if everything is fine every 2 minutes.

Marketing and sales works best when we help people to get what they want when they want it.

Trust and timing has to be essential parts of any marketing strategy, and patience has to be one of the most useful qualities a marketer can cultivate.

One thought on “The patient salesperson

  1. True doc, I should learn that whatever can make me uncomfortable buyer will definitely make my customer’s. So I have balance between really helping and enforcing help.

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