What are you going to do today?

Maintain the status-quo or work towards changing the status-quo.

Maintaining the status-quo is good for stability, and security, however working towards creating a new better status-quo is what takes us forward.

Progress comes from disruption.

The path to building a successful, sustainable business is littered with innovative ideas, requiring brave leadership to prioritise the needs of tomorrow’s customer above today’s bottom line.

Disruption is having the courage to take the customer where they want to go, even when they don’t know it yet.

Maintaining the status-quo, is management. Pioneering unchartered paths that disrupts the status-quo is leading.

Disruption is leadership. Leadership is disruption.

We have put together a short leadership programme for someone like you, someone who cares about leading in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

For more information on the short-course, class dates, fees and to register online, please double click on this link: Managing and Leading People Information

Doing work that matters involves taking one intentional step today that will stretch you, challenge you, and make you a different person tomorrow.


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