Sustainable change comes more from having a structure that encourages and sustains the change.

New years resolutions are only as strong as the strength of your structures.

It becomes difficult to change anything if the structure that keeps the status-quo does not change.

Structure helps you stay focused and get things done.

I struggled to stop eating meat for about 3 years because I didn’t have a proper structure in your life that encourages me to stop eating meat.

It was until I asked friends who are vegan that they mentored me on how to do it successfully.

You want to lose weight? Structure your life as follows:

  • Join gym or start making walks, or jogging in your neighbourhood;
  • Have a gym buddy or personal trainer;
  • Have a way that makes it difficult to eat junk, make it easier to prepare health lunch box, eat your lunch away from spaces that have junk food smells, having lunch buddies that are health fanatics

You want to stop wasting valuable time on social media? Delete social media apps on your phone.

You want to be more organised? use a diary, have a notebook, journal, use a calendar, automate your tasks.

You want to learn a foreign language?

  • Register a course in that language
  • Get friends whom you can speak that language with
  • Be in an environment that speaks that language [when you are in Johannesburg, you are likely to learn isiZulu because it is the common language on the streets]
  • Watch movies, TV shows in that language
  • Get a partner who speaks that language [if you are single]

You want to be an entrepreneur? Structure your life as follows:

  • Hang around other entrepreneurs
  • Subscribe to or follow entrepreneurs websites and twitter accounts
  • Join book clubs with entrepreneurs
  • Get a mentor
  • Register for that course
  • Attend entrepreneurship events
  • Get into an incubator

At The LORA Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, we have put together a 5 months intensive entrepreneurship programme that will help structure your life in a way to encourage your entrepreneurship vision.

For more information on the programme, class dates, fees and to register online, please double click on this link —> New Venture Creation Programme. Register now online, classes commence on Saturday, 25 January.

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