You cannot grow your business beyond your capacity.

For your business to grow, you, the founder, must grow first.

The size of your business is a reflection of your leadership capacity.

You want to grow your business and don’t know where to start?

There is a leadership principle by John Maxwell called the Law of the Lid.

This principle talks about your capacity to lead people.

If your capacity to lead is low, the lower your lid, the few or no person you can lead.

If your capacity to lead is high, the higher your lid, the more people you can lead.

So here is an example:

If your capacity [lid] is to lead 10 people and you are given 100 to lead, 90 people will leave you.

However, if your capacity [lid] is to lead 100 people, and you are given 10 people to lead, 90 people will join you, because you have the capacity to grow from 10 to 100.

We live in a world that needs more from you. We need you to lead. We need you to look at the world as it is and see the world as it could be and then take action to make that better world a reality.

You will need to challenge yourself to read, to think, to write, to learn, to do something that makes you better tomorrow than you are today. Because that is the price that leaders pay, and while it sounds huge, it’s really not.

The good news is that you can increase your lid.

How? I’m glad you asked.

  • Work on your skills as a leader
  • Read books written by “great” leaders.
  • Join a leadership mastermind group.
  • Seek out exemplary leaders around you and ask for advice.
  • Hire a personal development coach.
  • Register for leadership workshops/courses

Yes, leaders are made.

We have put together a short leadership programme for someone like you.

For more information on the short-course, class dates, fees and to register online, please double click on this link: Managing and Leading People Information

Take one intentional step today that will stretch you, challenge you, and make you a different person tomorrow.

Your time is now. And I’m cheering you on.

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