thank-you-so-much-hd-image-photo-downloadNdzi khense ngopfu is Xitsonga [one of our 11 official South African language] meaning: Thank you so much.There is Thank You and then there is Thank You So Much.

Thank you is okay, it’s alright, everybody says Thank You once in a while, well maybe not everybody-everybody, but on average they do…… but Thank You So Much on the other hand, few people say Thank You So Much….. that “So Much” carries that thing, that X-factor thing.

That extra “So much”, says what you did really meant a lot to me, it got to me.

There is a lot written about gratitude and understandably so.

The saying: “It is not happy people who are thankful, it is thankful people who are happy,” definitely rings true.

Thank you so much for reading/following/commenting/giving a reaction to the graffiti I put on this blog wall every day.

Thank you so much to friends, family, entrepreneurs, my mentors, colleagues who inspire me every day.

Stay inspired, happy and let’s keep caring, mattering, learning and growing every day.

Quoting from a birthday message I received a few years ago:

‘We’re never older, Only better’

I am very grateful.

Wishing you a fascinating 2020 filled with new and fresh challenges, love, caring, mattering, learning and laughter.

Sawubona, we see you, we acknowledge you, we hear you, you matter, you matter more than you think.
Ndzi Khense Ngopfu 🙂

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