Have you ever been disappointed by mismatched brand.

The impression it creates is not the same as what it really is.

When the brand looks prim and proper but the experience of it is far from prim and proper.

Often we invest time and resources creating first impressions.

Creating first impressions is not necessarily the same as creating lasting impact.

We can invest time and energy and money into the things we believe will create the right first impression, professional logo design, the designer outfit, the perfect decor or quality packaging.

And yet it is possible for one bad customer experience to taint everything for a very long time to come.

The flip side of course is that when you organise your business for lasting impact people will cross town and queue from 3am for one of your croissants because they know you will sell out in two hours.

First impressions get people through the door, what happens next is what keeps them coming back.

By all means let your first impression be beautiful, but most importantly let beauty full you. Be full of beauty inside.

First impressions are only as valuable as the lasting impact they create.

PS: Malcolm Gladwell in his new book Talking to Strangers, builds a case on why humans are terrible at correctly reading first impressions of strangers.

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