A sign post stands at the fork in the road,

Pointing in one direction, the sign says victory.

Pointing in the other direction, sign says fulfillment.

We must pick a direction.

Which one will we choose?

If we choose the path to victory, the goal is to win. We will experience the thrill of competition as we rush toward the finish line. Crowds gathered to cheer for us, and then it’s over, and everyone goes home. Hopefully we can do it again.

If we choose the path to fulfillment, the journey will be long. There will be times in which we must watch our step, there will be times we can stop to enjoy the view, we keep going, we keep going, crowds gathered to join us on the journey. And when our lives are over, those who joined us on the path to fulfillment will keep going without us, and inspire others to join them too.

This is the introduction to Simon Sinek’s new book The Infinite Game. I started reading this book recently and this opening page grabbed my attention and I felt I should share it.

Are you playing the finite [victory] or infinite [fulfillment] game?





2 thoughts on “The Infinite Game

  1. I am on the last chapter within 24 hours of picking up the book, the section on worthy rivals where he talks about how Apple welcomed IBM into the PC world really altered my life.

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