Podcasting is an open mic recorded platform, a chance for people with something to say to find a few people who would like to hear them say it.

I love podcasts because they are inspirational, educational and informative, I often use them as an escapism, and I can listen to them while driving, walking or commuting.

Here are some of my favourite podcast episodes for 2019 in no particular order:

  1. Laduma Ngxokolo – RMB Solutionist Thinking
  2. Patient Capital – Seth Godin [Akimbo]
  3. Malcolm Gladwell on SuperSoul Conversations – Oprah [SuperSoul Conversations]
  4. Katlego Maphai – RMB Solutionist Thinking
  5. Susan Cain takes us into the mind of an introvert – The TED Interview
  6. What’s in the Fridge – Seth Godin [Akimbo]
  7. Systems Thinking – Seth Godin [Akimbo]
  8. Aisha Pandor – RMB Solutionist Thinking
  9. The Wedding Industrial Complex –  Seth Godin [Akimbo]
  10. The Queen of Cuba – Malcolm Gladwell [Revisionist History]
  11. Efosa Ojomo with Lee Kasumba [Africa State of Mind]
  12. Hallelujah – Malcolm Gladwell [Revisionist History]
  13. Dr Judy Dlamini – RMB Solutionist Thinking
  14. The Lady Vanishes – Malcolm Gladwell [Revisionist History]
  15. Yuval Noah Harari reveals the real dangers ahead – The TED Interview
  16. Kai-Fu Lee on the future of AI – The TED Interview
  17. The creative power of misfits – Adam Grant [WorkLife]
  18. Entrepreneurship is a way of life – Inga Gubeka [Mashstartup Podcast]
  19. Building your personal and organisational innovation capacity with Rendani Mamphiswana [SuperLead]
  20. The Prosperity Paradox Efosa Ojomo [Startup Societies Podcast]
  21. You can definitely teach creativity – Rob Stokes, Red and Yellow [ShapeShifter]

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