As part of a research project on transitioning from a consumer to producer mindset, I stumbled across a concept called Minimalism.

Like that rabbit hole on Alice In The Wonderland, I was swallowed and discovered a whole new world.

Do you have too much stuff? In this book you will read about strategies on how to declutter your life and make room for yourself.

The Minimalist Way involves a few things. You will learn the philosophy and show how to define it in the aspects of your life. This involves clutter that effects you mentally, physically and emotionally. It covers all bases of one’s life.

But there is more. You will read about minimalism concerning your food, clothing, family, and career.

The book goes into real solutions on how to spend your time and energy more wisely to where you have more time to do things.

Just looking at the chapters topics so you can see what to expect:

  • The heart of minimalism
  • The key to minimalism living
  • Home
  • workspace and career
  • Family life
  • Finances and budgeting
  • Time and time management
  • Relationships
  • Continuing your minimalism journey

Sprinkled between the sections are reflections and exercises that correspond to the material. This can help you work on where you stand on the topic and maybe how to move forward.

Minimalism is about how to live a decluttered life.

Erica Layne highlights several new tricks on how to live an organised life..

It is more than just clearing up your home or your environment, it is about making difficult decisions about what you would want.

Just making more space in my head for positive thoughts was one of the biggest take aways.



I really enjoyed this book and believe that it provides sound advice for people that want to declutter their life to enjoy more and more free time.

It is a great short [minimal] but effective read with tons of take aways and exercises to start right away.

The biggest benefit to a minimalistic lifestyle is adopting a decluttered mind, a more focused, disciplined and less stressful life.

Less is really more.

Favourite Quotes

  • “We live in a culture where our worth seems to be measured by our busyness.”
  • “Bottom line: If our lives are burdened with clutter, we’re giving the best of ourselves away to the things that matter least.”
  • “Sometimes it takes a sense of dissonance, disconnect, or tension for us to realize what our real values are. This feeling, although unsettling, is a gift—a call to realign our lives with our hearts.”
  • “Minimalism is, in its essence, about getting rid of the negative and non-essential, so that you may focus more on the positive and important.”
  • “For Minimalism to work well, you need to combine it with constantly decluttering both your mind and your surroundings.”

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