There are so many magical small moments in a day.

Waking up in the middle of the night and realising you have still got a couple of hours of sleep left.

Snoozing that alarm once to get a precious few extra minutes of sleep.

Managing to squeeze that little bit of toothbrush from the tube.

Unexpectedly finding money your forgot about in a jacket you haven’t worn in a while.

Seeing more green traffic lights than red ones on the way to work.

Walking out of a good meeting.

Making a colleague smile.

Smelling great food.

Reading a passage from a book that strikes a cord.

Enjoying a breath of fresh air as you take a walk.

Experiencing the sunset while taking a walk.

Telling someone you love that you love them.

Being there for someone who needs you.

We love the big moments. The award ceremony, the big promotion, the raise, and the signing of the paperwork.

But, the big moments are so few and far between that life can feel like an endless pursuit, an endless treadmill.

It is when we learn to appreciate the small moments that we learn to appreciate the pursuit, that we realise that the pursuit is all there is.

As we live and appreciate these small moments, we live our days. And, as we live our days, so we live our lives.


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