Alexander Milov - Love

Love is the most popular entertainment subject by far.

We humans love love.

Most movies run with the same predictable script and yet, we still watch them and we still like them.

When it comes to music, I broadly find 2 kinds of love songs: happy love songs and sad love songs.

Happy love songs are well…happy.

When you hear a guy say “I just called to say I love you,” or a girl talk about her perfect “love story,” it is hard not to smile. It stirs up our imagination and reminds us about good times.

But, happy love songs are hardly ever deep.

Great love songs, almost always, talk about a sadness, a regret, or even an unlikely dream. Whether it’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” “No, woman, no cry,” or “Someone like you,” we all seem to be able to relate to that time when we faced a heartbreak or just had a tough time.

I wonder what it is about sadness that brings about such connection and such depth. But, I think the lesson I take away is that meaningful conversation is not talking about everything being well and good and then moving on to discuss the latest celebrity scandal and the weather.

Everything is rarely well and good. [And, when it is, we must celebrate!] Meaningful conversation is when you are willing to talk about those things that have caused you, or are causing you, pain.

It is no wonder that struggle heroes and war veterans speak of their comrades which such love and adoration, because they have been together through the worst of times.

Great relationships are not those that share happy moments together. Great relationships are those that have survived many a tough times together.

Struggle and sadness are an integral part of our life experience.

Joy would not feel good if it was not for pain after all. And, running away from confronting it only makes it worse.

When entrepreneurship events and speakers only talk about the happy times, and not the times they went bankrupt, they short-change their audience about the reality of entrepreneurship.

We hear about incidents of depression claiming life more often these days. Perhaps it is because we have used texting and tweeting to run away from deep meaningful conversations. Perhaps we could change that by trading a few laughs during our next big meeting with friends to talk about a few things that might actually matter and figure out how we can help each other out.

And, once we do that, perhaps we will also learn to laugh at ourselves because that is a big part of the life learning experience too. 🙂


One thought on “The Love Story: Depth, sadness, and love songs

  1. Got me all warm and fuzzy, that’s very true people really underplay challenge that come with everything life throws your way. I remember when I was pregnant everyone talked of the good the usual but not the sleepless night, the emotional Rollercoaster. I think i would have prepared myself better cause I was overwhelmed.

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