There are many of us who dream of big homes with plenty of space.

We dream of space to keep all our “stuff,” to host our friends, to have our family sleep over, and to work on projects we care about.

As we think of owning or renting these homes, the metric to optimise for would be the rands per square meter.

We talk about the richest square meter in Africa being Sandton City. A friend did a research by collecting ATM slips at Sandton City and discovered that the balance on those ATM slips are overdraft balances.

As time passes, however, I realise that rands per square meter matters far lesser than another more important metric: love per square meter.

What are the decisions we might make if we maximised for love per square meter?

For instance, we might buy a home in a place we would love to spend our time even if it limits our career opportunities.

Or, we might buy a slightly smaller home so we spend lesser personal time stressing about our bonds and finances.

Or, of course, we might Uber around instead of buying a car that we rarely drive.

Or, we might consider focusing on inclusive growth instead of focusing on GDP per capita only.

We have seen those small team of startups that makes working with them a delight and something to look forward.

We have all been to homes where we feel an abundance of love. Some are large and some are small.

Regardless, homes where there is more love than space are a special sight.

Maybe the love per square meter will be a metric we will think about as we make that next decision?

Dream big, that’s important, and as you strive to increase the square meter of your house, don’t forget to increase the love square meter in your home. 

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