There is a subtle difference between a product or service that stems from an idea and one that is born from recognising an opportunity.

Ideas are solutions in search of problems.

Opportunities are problems begging for a solution.

The magic of solving problems for a specific customer is that the marketing is baked into the product.

Like many disruptive companies, success is about understanding their customer’s pain points.

We find opportunities when we look for problems to solve.

We find opportunities by asking the following two questions:

1. What is happening that should not be?
2. What is not happening, that should be?

Startups that disrupt the market address these unmet needs.

The utility, quality and success of our products and services improve when we pay attention to what is missing in our customers’ lives.

What gaps can you fill for your customers?

One thought on “The two questions behind every successful product and service

  1. Definitely true reminds of the Blue Ocean Strategy, to Eliminate what is not necessary, reduce cost production, raise the standard on what matters and create value on the pain points. To create product that speaks to customer needs

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