All successful businesses do two things:

They fulfil the unmet needs and unspoken desires of their ideal customer.

The businesses that find it challenging to sell their products and services are the ones that fail to begin with this end in mind.

Businesses that struggle are those that are inward looking, they usually say: this is what we sell, our job is to look for customers to buy what we sell.

They start with their needs, instead of a clear insight about what the customer wants.

This approach has led to a number of business fail.

Businesses that succeeds are those that are outward looking, and start with: what do our customers want, my job is to look for what our customers want.

So the furniture maker who loves working with wood fails to find enough customers to keep his dream alive, because he makes a product that not enough people want.

The business coach’s pitch falls flat, or the massage spa opens in the wrong part of town.

When we see our customers, it shows. When we understand them, they know.

To fulfil our customer’s needs, we need to know and understand their needs first, not our needs.

It’s about them, not us.

PS: I gave a TEDxMahikeng talk about Sawubona, when you have a moment please check it out. Here is the link: Sawubona, we see you

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