At the King Shaka International airport, just at the entrance of the terminal, there is this musician, I think he is a guitarist, he plays amazing music.

At Rosebank mall at the parking pay machines, there is a man who plays a guitar, he is very good.

At the men’s rest rooms at the  OR Tambo domestic terminals, there is this gentleman who mans the men’s restrooms. He always greets his patrons with a smile saying “Welcome to my office.”

There are many great stories about genius musicians playing on street corners, unrecognised.

So what’s the point?

My takeaway from these stories is that many look, few see and fewer take notice.

There is a section of those who are walking who do not even realise their presence.

Many look in that direction but their eyes likely glaze over. A few see that something is going on, maybe they even realise it is something good. But, the choice few dig deeper and take notice.

Great talent scouts learn to notice talent.

Great entrepreneurs see opportunities where everyone else glazes over the same view.

Great innovators see ideas where everyone else sees struggle.

Great leaders notice leadership and remember to call it out.

Great teacher sees talent on a child when everyone else sees a hyperactive and problematic child.

Great curators notices great stories when everyone sees nothing to write home about.

Happy people learn to notice things they are grateful for.

We can, of course, be all these things. But, first, we must learn to see. And, once we learn to see, we must then learn to take notice.

Many look, few see.



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