The first advice you will get when you start your business is to get your word, your brand out there.

By implication meaning make noise.

Marketing is not making a lot of noise.

Making noise is not a strategy.

We equate getting your product out there as the same as making a lot of noise.

‘Out there’ is a place most companies, entrepreneurs and artists want to get to.

Getting the word out becomes a preoccupation, and the noise begins.

Everyone knowing about your thing becomes the goal.

There is a lot of noise out there, getting noisier is not going to get you through.

It might have been easier thirty ears ago to rise above the noise, but no matter how far we have come or who you are the strategy for being successful is still the same:

  • Make something great, which by definition will not be something for everyone; and
  • Speak directly to the people who want to hear from you, which means you have to know who your right customers are and tell stories that resonates with them.

What is more effective than getting your message out to everyone is drawing your right customers in and giving them a story to tell.

There is no shortcut to mattering more.


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