The owner of the new gym that is opening in the centre stands outside armed with helium balloons to attract attention, and a clipboard to sign up new members.

Anyone who happens to be passing is fair game.

At this stage, beggars cannot be choosers.

The gym needs three hundred members to break even.

He is under pressure to make sales otherwise the business is bust.

Every fledgling business feels the pressure to market to everyone.

So we make compromises to get runs on the board.

But it is not until we find the courage and conviction to start serving our ideal customers that we get to do our best work.

There are two ways to approach customer acquisition.

  1. We can make something generic that we think most people want and do it faster and cheaper than our competitors.
  2. Or we can understand the unmet needs of a particular group of people we are keen to serve and intentionally create products, services and marketing messages for those people.

Successful brands and businesses don’t simply open the door to everyone and hope for the best.

They know why they do what they do the way they do it, they understand who they serve best, and they tell that story to those people.

Successful selling is as much about customer understanding and discernment as it is about brand differentiation.

As Seth Godin always says: Everyone is not your customer.

There is no customer called everyone.

What’s customer acquisition strategy? If you would like to have a clearer understanding of your ideal customer, The LORA Centre New Venture Creation Course can show you how.

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