The three bricklayers were asked what are you doing?

The first says: “I’m laying bricks.”

The second says: “I’m building a church.”

And the third says: “I’m building The House of God.”

The first bricklayer has a job.

The second has a career.

The third has a calling.

And, so the question is this, which bricklayer are you?

Many of us would like to be like the third bricklayer, but instead identify with the first or second.

May people view what they do as a job. They view their jobs as just a necessity of life, much like breathing or sleeping.

Many people view their jobs as a stepping stone to other jobs.

People who view what they do as a calling, consider it as an important thing in their lives.

Very few people consider what they do as a calling.

It is not that some occupations are jobs and others are careers, or others are callings, instead what matters is that the person doing the work believes that laying down the next brick is just something that has to be done, or instead it is something that will lead to further personal success or finally it is the work that connects the individual to something far greater than self.

How you see your work is more important than your job title.

This means you can go from job to career to calling, all without changing your occupation.

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