There are those who when things are broken, they are the quick to defend themselves as to why it is not their fault.

And there are those who go on the offense and blame others.

And then there are those who find solutions and fix things.

They look at the situation and then come up with a solution.

They pull resources from different sources, and uninvited, quietly solve things.

They don’t wait to be told what to do, they read the situation and step up with a solution.

They know that initiative is not given but taken.

They pull everybody together.

They are the glue that holds things and people together.

They are the solution finder in the midst of hopelessness.

They are the full moon. The quiet, silent moon that shines when everyone is not looking.

They are the glow in the dark that restarts the momentum when everyone is ready to give up.

They are the multiplier of solutions, they increase solutions, harmony, and love.

They don’t do it because they are the starring [main character].

They don’t do it for showmanship.

They do it because it is in their nature to ensure that things, people, and situations are working as they should.

Such people matter.

Such people are far and few in between.

When you are that person, thank you for doing that, it matters, you matter.

When you have that person in your life, tell them they matter.

When you don’t have that person in your life, may be consider being that person, because it matters.

Continue being the glow-in-the dark.



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