In our culture, it is easy to choose to live in deficit, in scarcity.

To spend just a bit more money than you make, so that you are in debt.

To need to drive just a bit faster than the prevailing traffic around you, so you can push every interaction.

To measure yourself against someone [there is always someone] who is smarter, more beautiful, taller, more handsome, more articulate, and more popular [there is always more] than you.

If this habit of becoming ‘behind’ is the fuel you need to do your best work, it is difficult for an outsider to argue against.

But consider that it is also possible to choose to live in surplus, in abundance.

To spend a bit less than you make, so you are never worried about paying the rent.

To drive with the flow of [metaphorical] traffic, because not only is it safer, it frees you up to dream [and saves you speeding tickets].

And to measure yourself against no one but yourself. Raise your standards as often as you can, but not because someone else you chose out of the lineup of success is somehow ahead of you.

When you live in surplus, you can choose to produce because of generosity, wonder and care, not because you are drowning.

What you measure in your life, turns out to measure how your life turns out.

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