In one of my favourite podcast episode of Akimbo, Seth shared a story from a conference 20 years ago.

They were going around a circle and introducing themselves.

One of them was the co-founder of a then lesser known search engine.

He said: –

“My name is Sergey and I have this little search engine called Google. We don’t do any outbound marketing, promotion or hype. We figure that, one day, everyone will use Google. We also know that Google gets better every day. And, since it gets better every day, we are in no hurry for people to try us the first time.”

It is a profound way to think about your product.

Often entrepreneurs focus on making a lot of noise about their products.

Their thesis being that more publicity, more PR will result in more traffic and customers.

Here is a question for you and your team:

  • What would happen if you were not in the hype business, if you were not focused on the popularity, ratings and how many likes you have right this moment?
  • How would you build your product, or your service, or your car, if your goal was to make it deeper, and more elegant?
  • What would happen if instead of seeking to make noise, you decided to do something that mattered instead?

Changing the packaging does not change the story.

We don’t need better marketing.

We need better products, made by trustworthy companies, led by brave leaders, who can look us in the eye and say hand on heart, ‘this really WILL make your life better’ because we put you first.

I also think this principle has just as much applicability in our lives.

We can sometimes find ourselves in a hurry to meet that next important person [“network”] to get access to new opportunities.

But, if we acted on getting better every day, maybe there would be no reason to hurry at all?

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