Unemployment is hitting the roof.

Poverty is increasing.

Rampant corruption.

Inequality is high.

Economy staring at junk status.

Crime escalating

State owned entities crawling on their knees.

And what’s making newspaper headlines everyday?????

Leaders backstabbing each other.

Political parties scoring points and parading themselves in a beauty contest of who is better.

One leader calling another names.

Another responding with names.

And both leaders taking each other to court.

People pre-occupied with personality cults.

Parliament has become a form of entertainment.

Leaders using state resources to settle personal vendettas.

Court case after court case about side issues.

While all this is happening, poor people are struggling, unemployment is rising, inequality exacerbating.

On the other hand successful countries have a national agenda that they are focused on each day.

China used manufacturing as their national agenda to emancipate it’s people out of extreme poverty.

India’s national agenda has been software engineering.

Most developing countries have a national agenda that everyone focuses on.

This national agenda makes front page news, headline news, conference themes, etc.

The national agenda in developing countries makes page 1 of that country’s daily agenda.

The national agenda is what matters.

Where I come from, we have relegated critical issues [unemployment, poverty, inequality] to page 46B of our national agenda.

We have then elevated things like name-calling, petty politics and games, scoring points, conspiracies, camps, backstabbing, factional politics, political entrepreneurship and religious entrepreneurship are now on page 1 of the national agenda.

As we majored in minors, and minored in majors.

We have majored in things that are minor, and we have taken majors things and made them minor.

When arguing an apartheid case, Advocate Duma Nokwe took offense when he was denied entry into the canteen during a tea-break because he is black.

He was so upset that he wanted to lodge a complaint against this ill-treatment.

It was Walter Sisulu who told him to not get sidetracked. Sisulu reminding him during the tea-break that he must focus on a major apartheid case he was litigating [major] and should not get sidetracked by refused entry to a canteen [minor].

Besides if Advocate Duma Nokwe wins the apartheid case, by default he will win the canteen entry.

The wedding industrial complex is pretty much like that, we spend our time, and resources focusing on a one day event and less time and resources on things that builds strong partnerships and sustainable marriages.

We major on minors, and minor on majors.

Making noise about your business, about your personal brand is important but not as important as building systems and process that ensures excellence in your brand promise.

Learn how to separate the majors and the minors. A lot of people don’t do well simply because they major in minor things.

It is important to major on majors and minor on minors.

When you are in a shark tank, you don’t cut yourself with knives. 



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