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When a friend first pitches the idea of going on ‘nature walks’ on weekends, “oohs” and “aahs” follow.

Everyone is interested.

Everyone wants to do it.

“Such a romantic idea,”

“An opportunity to smell the fresh air and roses” are the sorts of comments that follow.

Then he follows up with next steps/the reality.

Wake up at 6am on a Saturday morning and then walk for 4 hours.

Suddenly, everyone has an excuse. The romance seems to wear out very quickly.

Here is another example;

Let’s all save up together and go on a road trip or a holiday destination abroad.

“Oh wow, yeah let’s do it”

“I’m in.”

“It will be so amazing.”

Two weeks before the trip, only two out of the initial 10 people are still keen.

Everyone stumbles onto the truth: it is all romance only in theory.

In reality, romance is hard work and we have to explicitly choose to do it.

Why take that detour to buy flowers for your wife/girlfriend when you can just show up.

Why spend all those months learning the piano when you can laze around watch TV?

Why stress yourself starting a business with not guaranteed income, when you can get a job and get paid at the end of the month?

Why go out of the way to treat a customer/client extra special when you can lean back on the default option?

Like it is the case many ideas, the problem is not the lack of romantic ideas, the challenge is the lack of requisite work ethic that makes romantic ideas happen.

It is all romantic in theory.

It is easy to dream, not so easy to make the dream a reality.

It is easy to fall in love, not so easy to stay in love.

The beauty of this is that once you put in the hard work, the results are….well….romantic.

Try asking the lady who unexpectedly received flowers.

Let’s put in the hours.

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