John Montagu was a consummate card player who did not like meal interruptions while playing his favorite game of cribbage.

So, it is said that he asked for veal stuffed between two pieces of bread to make it easy for him to eat while playing.

As John Montagu was also the Earl of Sandwich, others started asking for the “same as Sandwich.” And the rest, as they say, is history.

The sandwich as we know it was an accidental innovation.

Creativity happens at the edges, at the boundaries, at the border where we push for what seems like it is not allowed.

The edges is closer to the cliff, closer to tip of what is allowed and not allowed, what is within the rules and outside the rules, what is possible and impossible.

For when we find ourselves stuck in discussions about building for the “average” user, it is worth reminding ourselves that the sandwich, like many innovations, happened on the edges thanks to a passionate early adopter with a weird request.








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