Here are some helpful tips on playing a video in your pitch or presentation:

  1. Don’t start your talk with a video. You set the tone for your pitch, not the video
  2. Don’t end your talk with a video. People remember your pitch by how you finish it, we want them to remember you, not the video.
  3. If you decide to play a video clip, it should be less than 1 minute. You don’t want people to forget that you are pitching.
  4. Embed your video in your PowerPoint slides and make it play automatically. Make sure that you quickly introduce the clip before playing it, unless not introducing it goes well with you pitch.
  5. One video clip is enough in your pitch, unless you are a videographer and your pitch is based on showcasing the work you do.
  6. Make your video full screen
  7. If your video has sound, don’t talk over the video, it is difficult to listen to the video and to listen to you at the same time. You may speak over the video if the video has no sound.
  8. If possible bring your little speakers for your pitch and test that it plays well and the sound is at the right level before you pitch.
  9. Don’t try to play the video directly from the internet, rather download it and play it offline.
  10. If for some reason the video clip doesn’t play, don’t get caught up spending another minute trying to get it to play.
  11. Prepare your pitch in such a way that the message crystal clear without the video [or slides].

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