How about you don’t use word in your pitch?

Or, at the most, one or two keywords, in huge type.

The rest of the slide is a picture, which I’m told is worth 1,000 words.

That way, the image burns itself into one part of the brain while your narrative is received by the other part.

The keyword gives you an anchor, and now you are hitting in three places, not just one.

When you use a powerful picture, you don’t have to explain it, it tells the story by itself.

When you use words on your slides [which I don’t encourage], people will read and you may have to explain the words.

When you use pictures, with maybe just one keyword on that picture, people will understand instantly what you are saying without you have to explain the picture.

Pictures with one keyword, is self explanatory.


By just looking at the above picture without listening to the words, I somehow get the message of that picture. Off-course context is important, and this is where you [the presenter] comes in with your few words.

A few notes on pictures:

  • If you can use your own pictures, even better
  • If you use pictures on the internet, try put a reference somewhere in the picture in small print
  • Try get high res pictures
  • Get pictures that will fill up the entire slide
  • If you can’t, don’t take a low res picture and stretch it to fill up the slide, it will lose it’s pixels.
  •  If you have a low res picture, make your slides background black, that way you picture will illuminate and stand out better.


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