A slide has to win the right to be on your presentation. Slides should not automatic features on your pitch.

A slide has to go through a rigorous test before you on decide to use it.

If you can explain it better in words, then don’t use a slide. A slides is there to help you amplify your message, slides are not the message.

So the default setting for your pitch is: No slides.

Preparing your pitch is not preparing your slides. Remember, slides are not the presentation, you are.

Your pitch is not you reading us your slides.

If your pitch was reading your slides for us, then maybe email us your slides, we can read for ourselves.

The beauty about slides is that they are free.

You can have as many as you like.

That means that instead of three bullet points [with four sentences each] on a slide, you can make 6 slides. Or more.

The energy you create by advancing from slide to slide will seduce most of the people in your audience to read along to keep up.

Slides that people read are worth five times more than slides that you read to them.

Here are not notes:

  • One idea per slide
  • Maximum six words per bullet point
  • Make the text bigger [more than size 40]

The trick is to avoid few with too much texts on them.

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