It is frustrating when someone is pitching and you can’t hear them because they are speaking softly or mumbling.

Often a judge will ask you to speak up, if you are still not audible, the judge will either ask you to speak up again or will disconnect from your pitch.

There is nothing as sad as a great idea pitched inaudibly.

If you are soft-spoken and there is no microphone, you will have to make an effort to speak up for the duration of your pitch so that people can hear you.

If there is microphone, it is okay to assume your natural voice.

Here are some of the tips on voice:

  • Don’t mumble, be clear
  • Don’t be too loud or too soft
  • Don’t talk too fast, or too slow
  • Be excited, your voice will expose your passion
  • Do voice exercises before a minute before you pitch
  • Be polite, be a nice a person to talk to.

Practice your voice tones before you step up to pitch.

I often spend long hours alone in a day, which means I keep quiet for prolonged periods of time, when I spend say an hour not talking, when I start to talk to someone, my voice sounds like I was sleeping.

Try ensure that your voice is “awake” before you speak.

Often what helps is when you travel to the pitching venue, have someone that you talk to on your way so that you vocal-chords are active.


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