When you watch a movie, it doesn’t start with the starring [the main character] rescuing the family and arresting the villain and then end of story.

It starts with the villain creating chaos in the community, kidnapping the family and asking for ransom.

Kaboom!!!!! we have a problem, a crisis, a disaster, a time bomb.

What makes the movies interesting is the twists and turns it takes us through before the puzzle is solved, the solution is reached and the family is rescued.

Pitching is pretty much the same, it is a movie, a story.

You don’t start with the solution and then end of story.

You don’t start with: “this is what I do” or “this is what I have built.”

You start by setting the scene, telling us about the problem, how big the problem is, why it’s important that we solve this problem.

The more dramatic the problem to solve, the more relevant the pitch.

Start with pitching the problem you are solving.

  • How big is it?
  • Do you have the stats to backup the problem?
  • What are the consequences if we don’t solve this problem?

You are not pitching a product, you are pitching a solution to a problem.

When you present to a board, to potential investors, they ask themselves some questions about your new project:

Is there a problem?

Do I like the solution: is it free, instant and certain, or at least close enough to be interesting?

Are you the one to take this problem on and create this solution?

Is the way you are doing it the way I would do it?

And, is it urgent, or can I wait?

Note that the order of the questions matters a lot.

If you bring me a solution for a problem I have not been sold on, you lose.

And if your solution is risky and difficult, I’m almost certainly going to work hard to begin diminishing the problem in my mind, because no one finds it easy to walk around with a difficult problem.



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