Take 1: The Queen died. The King died.

Take 2: The Queen died. And the King died of a broken heart.

Five extra words transformed two boring facts into a story capable of stirring emotion (“Aww”).


Take 1: I want R500,000 of your funds, I want to start an entertainment park in my neighbourhood. I love entertaining.

Take 2: There is a rise in teen suicides in my community. Young people are idling and need a recreation facility that will not only entertain them but educate them. Your investment on this park will save teens lives in my community.

Positioning your pitch and anchoring it on a real social problem connects you to your funders.

There is a lot of talk about storytelling with mental pictures of Steve Jobs floating around. But, if you had to be reductionist, the formula [probably] would be:

Stories = Facts + Context + Emotion

As we move from one meeting to the next pitching our ideas, it is worth remembering that facts and logic only help people reach conclusions.

Stories, however, bring emotion to the table.

And, it is emotion that drives action.

When you pitch, the facts are important, but them alone may not be sufficient.

Position your pitch and link it to an important problem you are solving.

The bigger the problem you are solving, the more important your pitch.

You can ask for an investment to start an entertainment park, or you can ask for an investment to solve a problem through using a park.

Let your pitch address an important problem.


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