Have you ever gotten off stage from giving an important talk, or pitch and then it hits you…. “Aaaarrgggg I forgot to say this or that!!!!”

Irrespective of what you are pitching for, whether it’s an elevator pitch, a pitch for funding or to win an account, write down your pitch, script it.

Great talks, “I have a dream“, “This is cause I’m willing to die for”, “Change has come” etc have been scripted and edited many times before being delivered.

The same can and should be done for pitching.

Writing down your pitch helps with the structure, how you will start, your build up and to conclude.

It is when you have written it down that you can improve it.

“Maybe the beginning is too long, let me tweak it, maybe I need to add a story in the middle, oh how about a joke instead, maybe the conclusion is too abrupt.”

Writing down your pitch will make you see your pitch in front of you, that way you can judge it before anyone else can.

Like creating a claypot, you have to see your clay in front of you so that you can start designing it to what you want.

Your pitch is like that, write it down so that you can see it and then design it to what you want it to be.


  1. Write it down
  2. Keep it short [Don’t be long winded]
  3. Avoid jargon
  4. Make it flow [Don’t go back and forth],
  5. Make sure the purpose of your pitch comes out clearly


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