I was in conversation with a wiser friend who was talking about a senior executive who was going up the ranks in her company very quickly.

This person had a great reputation and I asked her what she thought of him.

“He is smart and all those things…” she paused “but you know, the greatest thing about him is that he does not just give you his point of view. He respects you. He listens.”

I found that fascinating.

Listening was seen as the ultimate sign of showing respect to the other person. I

t makes sense, listening intently is the best way of saying:

“I respect your intellect. I would like to understand what you think.”

Pitching does not end when you are done with your presentation rap.

Your presentation is part of your pitch, the question and answer session that follows after your presentation is an equally important part of your pitch.

The judges will ask you questions, listen to their questions carefully.

Answer the questions asked, don’t answer what you think is being asked. Get to the point, avoid “once upon a time” answers.

If you are not sure of the question, ask for clarity or to rephrase.

Listening demonstrates respect to the person talking.

Always listen first.

“He listens.” Do I? Enough? Do you? Enough?

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