Why should I have a Board of Advisors?

Entrepreneurship can be a very lonely journey.

When you don’t have the right support system, the hardships you encounter on the road can be extra challenging.

There are times where you wish you can have someone to talk to, someone who understands what you are going through.

You have this idea and you need someone to bounce it off on and get objective and informed advice.

You have a major decision to make and you need a sounding board to advice you on the best decision to make.

You are confused by the number of things happening in your business at the same time, and you don’t know where to start to sort out the mess.

The business is struggling and you need ideas on how to take it make it work.

You have been running your business for a while and you are at the crossroads and not sure direction the business should take.

You are busy running the business, but your finances are not reflective of your hard work.

You are very good with the technical work of your business, but where do you start marketing beyond your friends and relatives being your clients.

You have been knocking on a number of business doors and no one is opening.

You are tired, you have tried everything and you don’t know what to do next.

Maybe getting an Advisory Board is not a bad idea.

Vuka Advisory Board is a group of seasoned entrepreneurs who understands all these challenges, they have been through all of them and more.

The Advisory Board does just that, they advice you, the coach you and they cheer you on.

You set your goals, they help you achieve those goals.

It’s your business, it’s your goals, the Board joins you on your journey.

They are your accountability partner, they help you account to yourself.

To apply please complete this online form: Vuka Online Form

So how does it work?

After successful application into the program:

  1. You set your goals for the year.
  2. You sit [online] with the Board and workout short-term and long-term goals from your list
  3. The Board advices you on how to achieve your short-term goals
  4. You have an hour sessions with about 2-3 Board members.
  5. We put a program of action

The mentorship session is 90 minutes.

What are the Board’s focus areas?

Your Board members will focus on 3 key areas in your business:

  • Strategy [They will focus on your business model, use of technology in your business, how innovative is the business etc]
  • Finance [Are your offerings prices reasonably, do you have financial targets, are you making enough money for the business]
  • Marketing [brand position, storytelling your business, marketing strategy]

As your business grows, things like Leadership, Scaling Strategy and others key issues will be added.

All these looks very intimidating and more for big businesses, but these are the foundations of every successful business. It is the task of the Advisory Board to assist you with putting these aspects in place.

The Board members also bring their contacts, connections, and links to markets and capital that will go a long way in your business.

Who are these Board members?

What we can confirm for now is that each Board members have more than 15 years in business on a full time basis.

They are qualified professionals and most importantly have hands-on experience.

They have been part of Vuka Board for the last 6 years. They have worked and mentored more than 200 entrepreneurs combined. They have seen it all, well, they have seen what needs to be seen.

They bring expertise in the following industries:

  • Finance and Business Consulting
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • ICT
  • Marketing and Advertising

Is it free or do I pay?

There is a commitment cost of R1,500.00 for each meeting.

Is it a lot?

If you look at this as an expense, may be it is. But if you consider that you get 3 seasoned experts who looks at your business and shares their experience and contacts, the R1,500.00 per meeting with 2-3 experts is an investment at a very affordable rate.

But we will be honest with you, more than the rate you pay per meeting, you will have to invest time in preparing and attending each Advisory Board meeting. You will have to invest time in implementing tasks in your business. The cost goes beyond just the R1,500.00 per meeting.

If this is too much for you, we understand. I’m sure can get all the information you want on Google.

The thing is Google cannot replace a sympathetic ear when you want one. Google cannot share key contacts of relationships built over time.

If you are hungry enough to see your business grow, you will be aware that there are no shortcuts in this entrepreneurship journey, there is no magic wand, and having a support structure is priceless.

To apply please complete this online form: Vuka Online Form

Do I qualify?

Are you full time in business?

Are you working but have a side business?

Are you teachable?

Are you willing to invest time attending sessions and implementing tasks?

Are you willing to invest R1,500 per month into the growth of your business?

If you answer is a Hell Yeah!!! answer, then you qualify.

We want to work with people who want to work. No egos, no dramas, just work.

To apply please complete this online form: Vuka Online Form

When are the meetings?

The sessions are held once a month for 60 – 90 minutes. Once you have submitted your pack, you will sent dates to choose your session.

Where are the sessions?

The sessions are online [via Zoom]. You will be forward a Zoom link

How do I apply?

To apply please complete this online form: Vuka Online Form


If you want to achieve great things, you are not going to do it on your own.

Entrepreneurship is not a lone hero starring story. Entrepreneurship is a team sport, it is a marathon, not a sprint.

Great vision requires a great team. You will have to surround yourself with a great team.

Your competitors can copy your product, they charge lower prices than you, but they can’t copy your team, they can’t copy your Board of Advisors.

As the African Proverb advices:

If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to walk far, walk together.

If you managed to read this far, it means you are serious about your development. We wish you all the best with your application.

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