Growing up playing soccer in the streets back at home, there would always be this one kid who had the entire soccer attire, soccer boots and a soccer ball even though he was a cow.

Because he had the soccer ball and we didn’t, we always had to select him to play, because if he is not selected, he will be upset and will take his ball and go home.

No selection, no soccer ball, no soccer game.

So we had to select him and let him play, but we will always ensure that there is someone to cover his position so to ensure that we are not too exposed by the opponents.

So it was a win-win for all of us.

Two lessons we learned at a young age:

  • Privileged people can be cows sometimes; and importantly
  • There is always a work-around when it comes to important issues.

When you can’t get things your way, find a work-around.

2 thoughts on “Work around…

  1. ‘Find a way- around it’, thank you for blessing us with your powerful gift of writing so beautifully Doc. The underlying message in all your writings is so encouraging and full of wisdom.

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