How to write every day consistently?

Often my response to such a question is:

Is the writing intended for yourself or for others?

This is a fundamental choice because the process and rewards vary significantly.

When you write for yourself, the process takes a lot less time and less stressful.

When you write for yourself, you use your platform as a form to document your thoughts, your feelings and aspirations.

When you write for yourself, writing becomes a form of release.

When you experiences a traumatic event, one of the thing that phycologists suggest is to keep a personal journal, every time you feel overwhelmed, just write their feelings down, and that will make them feel better.

So you don’t want people knowing your blog? That’s fine, keep an anonymous blog.

A friend who was going through divorce, documented her experience in an anonymous blog and she says that helped her to deal with the difficult period. She was able to write down her pain without anyone knowing her.

Writing for yourself primarily to clarifies your thinking, you don’t need to worry about polishing or distributing your content, you just start a blog in a small corner of the web and get on with writing.

Writing for the public will always puts pressure on you to come up with impressive content and that may not be sustainable.

So decides why you want to write?

Is it for yourself or for the public?

It is easier to start writing when you do it for yourself. There is no pressure to impress anyone.

Even if no one reads my blog, I will continue writing.

Like many things in life, I find that the misalignment between expectations of process and outcome drives most people to quit after writing publicly for a couple of months.

While people might have set out to write for themselves, there often are unsaid expectations about building a massive subscriber base, or vice versa. The end result is disappointment.

So, if writing publicly is on your list of new year themes/resolutions, I hope you will take time to clarify the purpose and your expectations on process and outcomes.

While I cannot speak for writing for others, if these are aligned for the purpose of writing for yourself, I can say with reasonable confidence that the long term benefits of doing so are extraordinary.

You must write for yourself, above all. That is your only hope of creating something beautiful.

Yes people may follow your blog and that’s great, but the focus is to share your thoughts and experiences first and foremost.

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