Asks my friend Mashudu…

I believe it does exist but it is very rare.

Had a discussion with an entrepreneur friend who just laid off a couple of staff due to slow business.

However he has this one loyal employee who has been with him for years, even when times are tough.

He, my friend can’t even understand how this one employee has been so loyal to him for such a long time.

My entrepreneur friend just considers himself lucky.

There is loyalty that says:

“I’m here because I’m getting paid and as long as the status-quo remains, I will remain. Should I get a better offer, I’m gone.”

And then there is this loyalty that transcends logic that says:

“I’m here, even when we go through difficult times, I’m here, we will overcome this phase together. As long as you don’t fire me, I will come to work every day and do my part, because I know eventually we will overcome.”

I remember when we were discussing this issue last week, my entrepreneur friend used the analogy of soccer players.

He calls this loyal employee the defender.

When I asked him why the defender?

He says if you look at most soccer clubs, the most loyal players are defenders.

Strikers once they become superstars, they leave, but defenders are always with you.

Defenders don’t make a lot of noise, they are not prima-donnas, they quietly do their work and they are loyal. Unless you fire them, they will remain in the team and do their work.

With strikers, you don’t have to fire them, they leave when you need them the most.

This really got me thinking about this popular soccer phrase:

Strikers win you games, but defenders win titles.

Defenders are marathon runners, they are in it for the long haul.

Loyal people are hard to find.

If you happen to be fortunate to have a loyal friend, loyal employee, loyal business partner, or loyal life-partner, don’t ever take them for granted.

Loyal people are truly hard to find.

Such people make you question your loyalty levels.

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