The common question is:

“But how do you write everyday, I will run out of things to write about? Don’t you get writer’s block?”

The thing is you don’t wake up in the morning and say “mmmm__mmmm” because you can’t talk.

You don’t wake up in the morning having talker’s block.

If you talk everyday, you can write everyday.

Just convert what you say into text.

Write like you talk.

Writer’s block in an invention of the industrial revolution.

Don’t do business writing.

Have you ever met someone in industry who talks like he writes? You visit a store and the person says:

“effective January 1, 2015, we have ceased operations at this location. For further information, correspondence should be addressed to our headquarters.”

Of course not. That would be awkward.

Instead of talking like you write, write like you talk.

“We closed this store last year. Sorry for the hassle, please call us if you have any questions.”

With effort and practice, it is possible to speak with respect, precision and energy.

After you speak that way, write down what you said.

The reason why I write everyday is because everyday I say something to someone, I listen to someone say something interesting and I just convert that conversation into text on my blog.

That way, I will never run out of things to write about.

Those who know you should be able to hear your voice as they read your texts.

I believe that’s effective business writing.


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